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Feed our Natural Dog and Cat food to your pet.
We're making Healthier pets one bowl at a time.

Chicken Meal, Fish Meal, Carrots, Powerful Antioxidants,
Celery, Spinach, Ground Brown Rice, Live Probiotics, Chelated Minerals

Our pet food has NO Fillers, and Nothing Artificial

Life's Abundancepet foods have NO by-products, NO corn or corn gluten, NO wheat or wheat gluten
, and all known allergens.

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    Life's Abundance Health Food for Pets. 
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    • Highly Potent Antioxidants
    • Chelated Minerals
    • Five Live Probiotics (friendly bacteria)
    • Pure Digestible Protein Source
    • Omega 3 Fatty Acids for healthy skin and coat
    • FRESH your food is generally less than 6 weeks old
    • Produced in APHIS certified USDA Plan
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Check your pet food for these ingredients

      • Our products will never contain:
      • Chemical Preservatives - BHA, Ethoxyquin
      • By-Products - like beaks, feet, feathers, heads
      • Corn, Wheat, or Soy Protein - known allergens
      • Animal or Beef Fat - which is indigestible
      • Artificial Color or Flavor
      • Sugar or Corn Syrup
      • Animal Digest - guts
      • Dairy 

      Have you been seeking a quality company offering holistic dog food and natural cat food without any luck? Welcome to Best Natural Dog Food, your one stop source for the best in natural pet care and holistic pet foods from Life's Abundance and Flint River Ranch. Our holistic cat food and natural dog food have been specially formulated for the optimum nutrition in your pets diet. Life's Abundance premium cat food and natural dog treats are free of artificial colorings, and artificial preservatives. Let Best Natural Dog Food help you provide your pet with the very best in natural pet foods and pet health products by Life's Abundance.

      Click the photo below to learn the Truth About Pet Foods
      Several studies have shown that some ingredients are more likely to cause food allergies in dogs than others. The most common offenders in dogs are beef, dairy products, chicken, wheat, chicken eggs, corn, and soy. You may notice that the most common culprits are the most common ingredients in dog foods. (read more)

      Life's Abundance Opportunity - Read this first.

      Has Your Pet Food Been Recalled?
      BestNaturalDogFood cares about your pet’s health.
      Visit our pet food recall page.

      Life's Abundance dog food is formulated to give your dog 100 percent complete nutrition and contains only natural, wholesome ingredients. Our formulas are based upon current AAFCO feeding protocol. These are critical factors that most pet food manufacturers ignore. We are among a small number of companies who produce pet food that actually consider that the ingredients in your dogs bowl are essential for a long, healthy Life. All of our natural dog and cat prod cuts are formulated by Holistic Veterinarian, Dr Jane Bicks.

      Our manufacturer is APHIS certified to sell pet food in the European market, which has more stringent regulations than in the U.S. for pet food manufacturing. We make small, frequent batches to insure that your food is never warehoused for long periods. When Life's Abundance products are delivered to your door, it's likely to be 6 weeks old. Most store bought pet food will not reach your home for 6 months to 18 months in some cases and that is still considered OK by the company who made it.

      Life's Abundance dog food is the only pet food that uses pomegranate extract, which has more antioxidants than Vitamins C, E and beta carotene. We use ONLY natural, high quality proteins, vitamins, minerals fats, essential fatty acids and other health promoting ingredients. Our dog food provides antioxidants, phytochemicals and other pet health promoting compounds that were not found in processed dog foods previously.

      Life's Abundance Pet Food
      Our dog food was formulated according to the nutritional profiles of the American Association of Feed Control Officials for all stages of Life; puppy and senior included. If a dog food is high quality, there is no need to feed a puppy food. A puppy food generally has more calories per cup and the pellets are small. While some people think that puppies need more calcium than adults, according to the AAFCO, both puppy food and adult dog food requires a 1/1 ratio of calcium to phosphorous; which our premium dog food has. Our dog food is also great for senior dogs because it is highly digestible and contains the antioxidants and high quality proteins that senior dogs require.

      Your dog needs to eat less of Life's Abundance than most supermarket brands. Which is because it's more nutrient dense and doesn't contain any of the cereal or fillers found in other pet foods. Life's Abundance premium dog food is a high antioxidant formula and contains 3 sources of superior protein; chicken meal, egg and fish meal plus carrots, blueberries and more.

      We use high quality "select" chicken meal derived from human-grade processing plants. We remove the moisture (water) which yields a more concentrated form of protein. Egg is a complete protein and is one of the most digestible forms of protein. Vitamins A, B, E, K, biotin, sulfur and amino acids are all needed for cell growth. Fish Meal is high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are great for the health of your dog's skin and coat. Our formulas are rich in powerful antioxidants from whole food sources such as carrots, celery, parsley, watercress and blueberries. Our premium dog food contains brown rice; one of the most digestible carbohydrates supplying your dog with a superior energy source.

      Our minerals are chelated for maximum absorption. We use probiotics and beet pulp (with the sugar removed) which promote a healthy digestive tract. Lactobacillus Acidophilus helps to maintain the delicate balance of friendly bacteria in your dog's intestines. Beet pulp is a great source of fiber and produces special components called short chain fatty acids which the good bacteria require for food unlike other fiber sources.

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