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My name is Jay Levan. Please don't hesitate to phone or email me personally if you have any questions about our products. 216-820-3638.

A healthy pet has clear, bright eyes, a brilliant coat, clean teeth and breath, and a playful happy disposition. Unfortunately, many of our pets are unhealthy. They suffer with health problems such as allergies, diabetes, cancer, etc...

Holistic veterinarians feel that the harmful ingredients in most pet foods contribute to these health problems, and they advise pet owners to feed natural dog food and cat food, such as Life's Abundance so that pets can live longer, healthier lives.
Dog treat samples available here.

Pet owners are learning how much proper nutrition contributes to the health of their dogs and cats. To take advantage of this recent awareness among pet owners, many large commercial pet food companies have begun to advertise that their food is natural and healthy. The pictures on their bags of food show healthy fresh vegetables and lean cuts of meat.

But, when you actually read the ingredients in their products, you see a different picture. (Compare your dog food here.) Many brands contain questionable ingredients: animal by-products, artificial colors and flavors, and chemical preservatives like BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin. And these are just a few of the the potentially harmful products that many veterinarians believe lead to illnesses and chronic problems afflicting our beloved pets.

Life's Abundance does not spend millions advertising their products. Instead, they produce only high quality, pet foods that contain natural ingredients. Pet owners and veterinarians see the difference in their pet's health, coat sheen, and energy level. And these satisfied pet owners then tell their friends and family about the food.

If you want your dog or cat to live the healthiest Life possible, try Life Abundance food. You will see the difference that natural care can make:

*Fewer vet bills
*Improved health and disposition
*Increased energy
*Shiny & brilliant coat
*A happy, healthy pet
*Greater likelihood of a longer Lifespan

Give your pets the health and vitality they so much deserve. After all, our pets give so much to us.

Shouldn't we do the same for them?

We offer quality, holistic products for your dogs and cats.
Each of our products is scientifically formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks. A nationally recognized veterinarian who is among the top authorities for the natural treatment of animals.

  • No by-products
  • No artificial colors, flavors or artificial preservatives
  • High quality protein sources, no corn, wheat or dairy
  • Omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Fruits and vegetables for important nutrients
  • An antioxidant system including vitamins A, C and E
  • 5 probiotics to promote healthy digestive tract

Contact Me for more information. 216-820-3638
Samples available here

Every food, baked treat and supplement is veterinarian formulated to help your pet achieve optimum health. Our foods and baked treats are nutrient dense and contain only the freshest, quality ingredients. Our diets use high-quality meat proteins, rather than by-products, corn, wheat, or gluten. You can be confident that you are providing your pet with the healthiest possible diet because our products are free from preserviatives, refined sugars, artificial flavors and colors.

Safe, natural pet health food has been offered by Life's Abundance for more than15 years. Your pets receive fresh pet food with ingredients that contribute not only to daily energy but to overall wellness. Ships very fast. Please note that after your first order, the independent reps listing this add will flag your account as "wholesale", no cost or obligation to you. This gets you the autoship discount without having to set up an autoship and it's good on our entire pet product line. We offer additional products in the People Pets Planet line such as pet-safe cleaning products, and SeaLogix fish oil. Order via telephone on the website (please give them our rep id 40017167) or order with safe shopping guarantees online.

How do you really know if your pet food is safe? We carry Life's Abundance health food for both cats and dogs, as well as a full line of holistic pet supplements, spa products and all natural, delicious pet treats; all holistic veterinarian formulated by Dr.Jane Bicks. Check our comparison charts and read valuable research noted, to better understand what may be in your food and what is in so many of the well known giant pet food company products. Doesn't your beloved pet deserve the very best?

Be sure to read our customer testimonials. Optimum nutrition truly does design how well our pets feel, appear and how long they may live and thrive, cutting down on veterinarian bills along the way. We hear from pet owners regularly who tell us that one symptom or another has either disappeared or been reduced significantly after changing to Life's Abundance products.




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