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How to Introduce Your Pet to All Natural Foods

All Natural and Holistic Pet Foods are concentrated for better nutrition, playability and digestibility, and because of this you will feed from 20% - 40% less than other foods. Your pet's breath will improve, you'll have less waste to clean up and, in the case of cats, litter box odors will decrease dramatically (something ßthe whole family will love).

Life's Abundance is a vastly superior food and after using it for four to six weeks, you will see positive changes in your dogs and cats, that include sleeker coats, brighter eyes, cleaner breath and increased energy.

Because this food is so different from the majority of pet foods on the market, we recommend that you introduce it to your pets slowly, especially for cats. (But read the last paragraph here too) Over the course of about 7 to 10 days, add a little Life's Abundance to your pet's regular food, each day increasing the amount of Life's Abundance and decreasing the amount of your old food until you've switched the food completely.

Example: first two or three days, mix 3/4 of your regular food and 1/4 of the Life's Abundance; next two or three days, mix 1/2 of your regular food and 1/2 of the Life's Abundance; then for two or three days, mix 1/4 of your regular food and 3/4 of the Life's Abundance. Then all Life's Abundance! Naturally, start with less food and work your way up to bowel tolerance (when firm stools begin to loosen).

The only complaint we've heard from our customers is that their pet has loose or runny stools after switching over completely to Life's Abundance. They don't realize that this will often happen anytime you switch a dog or cat's food. Their first instinct is to return the food and go back to feeding the ole stand-by (previous fed commercial food).

STOP RIGHT HERE - Remember that that Life's Abundance is natural, highly concentrated and highly digestible (remember we need to feed LESS?). THE FIRST THING TO DO is CUT BACK on the quantity of L.A. fed. And SECOND, give a tablespoon or two of canned pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) found in the supermarket. Pure pumpkin works both will firm up loose stools and loosen hard stools, rather quickly too! Freeze the rest in a few baggies - about a tablespoon per bag, just in case...

After you've switched completely, and bowel tolerance is normal, don't forget to add fresh fruits, vegetables and meats periodically between meals, as snacks! Most dogs will eat carrots as treats!

Because Life's Abundance foods are natural and formulated to help the animal's body heal itself, it starts a cleansing process. Bio-available vitamins, chelated minerals and nutrients are first digested in the stomach - then absorbed into the blood through the intestinal walls. For this reason, Life's Abundance encourages that any diet change to an natural food be made over a period of time to allow the cleansing process to take place slowly. This is very important, as any abrupt diet change will upset a dog and cat's stomach and often cause diarrhea. A gradual change is the ideal way to introduce your pet to Life's Abundance and achieve optimal results.

One word of caution: If you know you have a dog with a sensitive stomach, please make sure you add digestive enzymes/probiotics to your pet's daily diet prior to and during the diet change process. Digestive enzymes/probiotics are a powerful source of beneficial bacteria, needed by every dog and cat for proper digestion. Learn about the importance of digestive enzymes/probiotics here. We highly recommend Natur's Way MSE Probiotics, which should be included in every dog and cat's daily diet, regardless whether a diet change is in progress or not.

All of the above being said, some pet professionals suggest to switch your pets food "cold turkey" or all at once and not introduce it slowly. Their argument is that if you introduce a new food slowly it might just prolong the period that your dog or cat has loose stools. They'd prefer to just switch all at once and shorten the time that they have to deal with "the mess". Either way, make your decision based on what you know about your pet and their history.

The main point is - DON'T PANIC and switch back to a commercial pet food when your dog has a little diarrhea - it's normal and will pass, and you'll have a much healthier dog or cat.


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