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I have been very gratified with the results of feeding Life's Abundance food to several animals with problems. One cat, an older Somali, was to the point where he was about to be put down. He'd been sick since 1999 and nothing the vet could do was helping. His weight was down to five pounds and he had such bad diarrhea that he had to be caged. Not a quality Life! After only a few days on the Life's Abundance Cat Food, the diarrhea was gone and he can run around the house again and is gaining weight. His owner is ecstatic! This is the kind of thing that makes me happy and I'll bet it would make you happy too!

I decided it was time to test out Life’s Abundance for each of my pups and I almost lost a finger trying to open the bag!  Needles to say, I will be going online to set up a monthly autoship order of 3 - 20lb bags.

Just wanted to tell you that I just started showing my first litter of Azawakhs (now 9 months old) that were fed Life's Abundance exclusively. Last weekend our Diva Gold took Best in Show at the Louisville Classic AREA show beating the #1 Presa Canario and the #1 rated dog in ARBA. We are very proud of all of our puppies and believe that Life's Abundance has given them the beautiful coat and wonderful condition needed for them to win.

I couldn’t get the package opened fast enough for my dogs.   They loved the food!  I’ve not seen them react to any other product this way, so I immediately read the material over from front to finish to see what was involved in becoming a distributor.

My Labrador retriever Nellie's teeth always were stained and yellow with dark patches for the past 4 years. My husband thought there was no way her teeth would ever be pearly white. Tonight he said, "You have to see this! Nellie's teeth are 100% white with no stains, or patches. Our other dog BO has been on the Life's Abundance food since he was a pup and his teeth are whiter than white. Thank You Life's Abundance Food, Gourmet Dental Treats and all the other great products!


My Morgan is a 7 yr old boxer girl. From the moment she turned 9-10 months old she started her long ordeal with "allergies" as diagnosed from many Vets I sought help from. In her 6 yrs of being miserable from scratching till she bled <literally> , chronic ear infections ( we were going every 3-4 weeks getting panalog or whatever the vet I was using felt like trying) and the swollen, red ,itchy ,pussy feet (literally)  and no vet could help her except to put her on steroids and doom her to a short Life.
Poor Morgan.

Morgan also had allergy testing done on environment AND FOOD, Lab report was : Said animal does not have enough reaction to anything tested on both tests to constitute a serum being given to her.   Hmmmmmmm!!!!
I tried different dog foods (Iams, Science Diet, Pedigree, and the last one I used , Pro Plan) No results, no relief for poor Morgan. Everyone that knew Morgan knew of her "allergies" and felt sorry for her. I felt I failed her because I could not find relief for her "allergies".

My friend Cindy told me about her lil' shih tzu and how all the hair had fallen of his lil' tail and her vet told her nothing could be done and it was just "old age". Cindy tried a dog food that was all natural in hopes that it could help her lil' shih tzu and it worked! his hair grew back on his tail!
She told me about it and I was sold!
When you love something so much you become open minded and are willing to try anything in hopes that this might help. I tried it and its been 9 weeks and I can honestly say that Morgan’s "allergies" (this is the start of allergy season!) are gone and her lil' feet are healing and look pretty much normal! if you didn’t know Morgan and met her on the street you would not know how her feet use to look, you probably wouldn’t believe me! she has not had a ear infection in 9 weeks, and she has not scratched herself bloody! she's healing and she loves the Life’s Abundance food! she WAS a picky eater but now she eats it like shes never seen food before! I honestly believe that Morgan DID NOT have "allergies"  like the Vets diagnosed but it was the dog foods and everything they throw in it to save money at my pets expense. I was truly disgusted when I read and researched what they put in the dog foods and what EVERY ingredient was!

Please feel free to call me w/ questions
Please give Morgan's story to ANYONE that questions Life's Abundance or feels hopeless with their dogs failing health AND I have no problem with you giving my number or email out to people if they doubt the story or have further questions, PLEASE DONT HESITATE! I believe in the food that much and am joyful about the results it has given Morgan and freed her from her constant pain.
Julie & Morgan

We have a customer who owns three cats. One of her cats had lots of allergies and its hair was falling out. We gave the owner some samples of the Life's Abundance Cat Food and all three cats loved it. After about four months on the food, she told me her allergic cat was doing so well and that her hair was growing back. When she took her cat to the vet she said that the vet was astonished at what she saw. Needless to say, we will be calling the vet to introduce her to Life's Abundance!
Carol & Bob

We have a miniature schnauzer (Toto) who is seven years old. My teenage daughter asked me the other day if I was feeding him speed. I asked why and she replied that he was acting very spunky and lively.

Of course, Toto has been on Life's Abundance for about a month now. There is no question in my mind but that his "new Life" is the direct result of having some nutrition in his body.
- Richard

We got our first order today and are very happy with everything so far. Our dogs were ready for a switch. They gobbled up the food like they hadn't eaten in weeks. Also, I never thought I'd live to see the day a cat would willingly eat a vitamin supplement, But our Buster did!!
- Cliff

A little over 9 months ago I was looking for something that I could do from home part time but nothing out there really appealed to me. I looked for a company with products that I could be passionate about. After reading a few books on this industry I knew that I also wanted to be with a company that made use of all the technology that abounds today. Lo and behold I found an ad for bestnaturaldogfood.

Because of my love for animals, the feeling that came over me when I first saw that ad was overwhelming. I visited the website to see the products and after just a few minutes at the site, a warm feeling came over me. I knew I had found "my" company! I was so excited! I finished poring over all the details and without even talking to anyone from the company I signed up right there and then online. I didn't need to be convinced by anyone on how to properly get started in the business. I got everything that I needed to "hit the ground running" and for such a low start-up fee!

Being new to this industry, all I needed now was leadership guidance and support. I got all that I asked for. A great product line that makes for ease of engagement. And what products! Everyone I have as a customer is so happy with the products and service we provide. And, their pets are thriving!

You should see our own dog Emma. She's so healthy and happy! The technology bestnaturaldogfood uses makes the training, mentoring and support very easy and efficient. With consistent effort I am looking forward to what the next 9 months will bring. I am having so much fun in this busi ness! After all, isn't that what it's all about, having fun while doing something you're passionate about?





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