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Pet food recall, allergies and what works for your dog.


Since the massive pet food recalls a few years ago, tens of thousands of dog and cat owners are looking for alternatives to pet food store and grocery store pet foods and scrutinizing the labels, in an effort to find the best natural dog food.

They want to know what exactly is in the cat and dog food they purchase and if it has the nutrition to keep their pet in good health.

I believe dog food manufacturers who don't pay attention to consumers and their concerns will pay a heavy price at the cash register. Simply put, we are not going to continue to purchase dog food with the leftover crap from the human food industry, that's filled with chemicals and by-products that are killing our pets. In fact we will boycott it and tell our friends not to buy it.

Many people are seeking holistic dog food recipes. These are the best natural foods appeal to pet owners. If you make it yourself you have complete control.

There are many articles written about holistic dog nutrition and I have something to say about them. My dog has been eating holistic dog food for many years and has been a picky eater. He has always had food allergies and finding a dog food that agrees with him has been hard. I fed him Bench and Field for quiet a while and thought I was giving him the very best food because it said it was a Holistic dog food.

What I didn't realize was that most all dog food out there had wheat and corn in it. You know, the poisoned wheat from Canada and the bio-engineered corn from the USA. That was never a good idea and we all knew it but couldn't stop it. When my dog got really sick during the dog food recall, my dog food manufacturer quietly took some of it's dog food off the shelves and came up with a new formula that doesn't include wheat or corn.

What an improvement! My dog started eating more, had less incidents of illness and started playing again. I decided the culprits were wheat and corn. What works for my dogs is Life's Abundance Premium. This replaced the Bench and Field I had been using. I hope you can also find the right dog food for you dog as I did. Just because it works for my dog does not mean that Life's Abundance’s foods will work for yours. Every dog is different and you should work with your vet to find the best holistic food for your dog.

What your pet's ancestor ate

Let’s pretend we’re looking in on an average day of a dog in the wild, the ancestor of today’s dogs.

He wakes up to the dawn. It might be raining, snowing or a bright clear day. Their modern counterpart would stretch, get up, walk over to his dog food bowl and either bang it around or whine because he wants food.

How let’s look at this dog’s ancestor. Quite another story this wild ancestor wakes up to anykind of weather, looks around for the kill he made the day before to find it gone. Some animal made off with it during the night. So he gets up and begins his day hunting for food and that means exercise and lots of it

Big business is making our dogs sick and in the worst case can cause disease and death. Get the word out and stop these greedy dog food companies who use sub standard food and if they didn’t have black hearts would do the right thing. I mean just how rich do you have to be to be happy?

Dogs make me happy and a happy dog makes me smile.







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