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More money is spent on Pet Sales than in the
Toy and Baby Food Industries combined!

75% of all Americans own a pet.
83% would be likely to risk their lives to save their pet,
87% take their pets to veterinarians for regular checkups, vaccinations,
82% buy premium pet food,
77% have their pets groomed,
People spend more time reading nutritional labels on pet food (41%) than on their own food (37%)
Four in ten cats (44%) receive a Christmas gift

Business is booming in 2014.
People want to take good care of their pets - despite the economy.

Details about Life's Abundance pet food
opportunities to help people with pets.

Join our team and help spread the word about Healthier Pet Food.
We help you aquire the skills and tools to be successful.

Please don't hesitate to phone or email me personally.
I'm happy to talk with you about how to get everything set up.

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Thank you for visiting my website and for your interest making
money helping pets. Let me share with you the leading reasons I decided to jump right into this incredible program.

FIRST - Because I Love Pets!

Many people feel that it's a privilege to be able to earn a living doing what you love and what are passionate about. I've met so many people in a wide assortment of businesses, who have told me they'd love to work with pets because it's what they truly care about. Is that your story? We're offering you the opportunity to earn an incredible income while helping pets in the most fundamental way, nutrition.

SECOND- Because We Offer The Best!

When you put your name behind something, it should be something worth standing behind. People will remember you for what you do and the products you represent. With most home based opportunities, people will see you and run the other way. That doesn't happen with our products. Friends, family, and the general public will respect your choice to become a pet professional and will want to hear from you. Life's Abundance products will speak for themselves as they improve pets lives - and make you look good.

Visit our opportunity page with details.

Jay Levan


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