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Tips For Choosing The Best Dog Food


We understand that choosing the best natural dog food can be confusing these days. Every company claims that they have the best dog food. But do they really? And then there are the recalls from many of the most "respected" pet food companies that have affected so many people and their pets.

So, how can we truly know if what we're feeding our dogs is actually good for them or not? Below are 6 tips to help you in choosing the best dog food for your companion animal.

1. Choose a food that is very high quality and all natural. Find one that is formulated, and tested according to nutritional profiles of AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) for ALL stages of Life, both puppy and adult. Bottom line, do your due diligence and get the facts.

2. The best dog food contains NO chemical preservatives. Feeding food that contanis these harsh chemicals will cause health concerns for you dog as he or she ages. Be sure to avoid BHA, BHT and ethoxoquin.

3. Stay away from corn, wheat, glutens, dairy or soy. Even if the label says "natural", read all of the ingredients before you purchase!! Corn and wheat especially, have been associated with allergies in dogs.

4. Always make sure there is plenty of quality protein listed in the first 5 or so ingredients. Chicken meal or catfish meal is a very good choice because the water has been removed and the protein is more concentrated.

5. NO by-products! I'll say it again... No by-products. By products are the "leftovers" after the choicest meat has been removed. If a food has by products listed in its ingredients, stay away from it! Companies are allowed to add all kinds of inferior by products including chicken feet, chicken heads, including beaks, intestines, feathers... you get the picture! You wouldn't eat it so why would you feed it to your dog?

6. Finally, in choosing the best natural dog food, find one that has vitamins, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants in it. Good nutrition is essential to a healthy Life. Adding a good nutritional supplement in addition to their food is also a wise idea.

Dogs who are fed a high quality dog food live an average of 5 or more years longer than dogs who are fed low quality foods?






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