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Dear fellow pet lover,

The American Veterinary Medical Association maintains a comprehensive list of recalls on this web site:

In 2007, more than 5,600 pet food items were recalled after the discovery that the chemical melamine was found in imported wheat gluten, rice gluten and corn gluten and had been making thousands of pets sick.

4,633 pets (2,474 cats and 2,159 dogs) have been reported as deceased. Total number of affected pets reported: 14,372. Many of whom are now affected by kidney disease.

This was a crisis of unprecedented proportions. Never in our history have so many pets died and developed illness as a result of Pet Food.

You have many questions. And You deserve answers.
United States Department of Justice: Chemnutra, Inc., pleaded guilty before U.S. Magistrate Judge John Maughmer to some of the charges contained in a federal indictment.

The year 2007 began with the largest known pet food recall in history. Many pet owners experienced anguished heartache and tremendous financial expense, as their much loved pet's became gravely ill, with thousands dying, from the very foods that they were fed.

While the focus was upon the Country (China) that the contaminated ingredients came from, most everyone failed to recognize who the true culprits were.

It is such a crime that the major pet food conglomorants right here in America were able to focus the blame elsewhere, when it was our major corporations, who opted to outsource the ingredients for their foods, from other Countries. They completely forfeit quality and quality control of their pet foods. This was done in order to manufacture their products at a much lower cost, creating higher profits to pad the corporate wallets.

To this day more money is put into the packaging and advertising by these same companies, who were responsible for the tragic events, than is put inside the bag. Many of these pet food companies (who are owned by major human food chains, using foods unfit for human cosumption that would otherwise be waste) have simply re-vamped their wording on the labels, making false claims of "health". Since there is no pet food regulation, companies may state whatever they wish on the front of the bag, yet the ingredient list (in very fine print) reveals the truth.

What is just as sad, is that these same companies have only changed some of their ingredients, because they got caught. That they chose to not only include inferior ingredients, but to base their ingredients on cheap production in the first place, speaks volumes about their motive - simple greed, at the expense of the consumer and our beloved pet's.

Each and every ingredient that is used in pet food, should only be chosen for the purpose of offering optimum benefit for health and longevity. There should be a nutritional purpose for every single ingredient put in our dog's/cat's bowls. Each ingredient used in making pet food should to in the correct proportion to be properly absorbed into the dog/cats system.

While these same companies have been quite clever with new costly packaging and great claims on the front of the bag, it is up to us, as our pet's advocate and protector, to know how to understand, exactly what the wording in the ingredient list really means.

With the ongoing recalls and now class action lawsuits, more of us are becoming keenly aware of what is, and has really been in many of the major brand pet food companies for quite some time now.

It has been somewhat difficult to understand how to read a label, with the play on words printed as ingredients. With the average consumer not able to understand what most of the verbage or labeling meant, much damage has undeservingly been introduced to our beloved pet's. Now with the truth coming to light, it's time for understanding of what is really in so many of the well known brands of pet foods.

This type of practice has been going on for years, although not many wanted to hear of it, as these large conglomerant companies have been so widely trusted in the past. While we urge you to investigate what is out there, we also invite you to research what we are all about and how our full product line will benefit and enhance the live's of both you and your pet's.

For more recent recall UPDATES, go to the following link to better understand the continued toxins/contaminations and how pet's may be affected:

FDA Recall Site

For the sake of your pet, feed ONLY a proven healthy food. The same applies to EVERYTHING you give to your pet, treats, etc. It makes no sense to be conscious of what is in the foods and continue to seek for treats that are potentially harmful.

Life's Abundance foods and treats, supplements and grooming aids are healthy, natural and have had no recall ~ Ever.

Dog's should live into their twenties and cat's should live to be about 30. These figures are in human years. Sadly most of our pet's aren't reaching their potential Life span, due to illnesses directly linked to their diet.

Diabetes, allergies, auto immune diseases and such put your pet at risk for organs to expire before their natural time. A poor diet is directly related to these ailments. When we begin to think that our beloved pet would be living a long Life at 10-14 years of age, we have been fooled by the food industry as a whole.

Our pet's don't physically complain as a child or adult human would. Since they live to please us, they don't communicate how "rough" they may be feeling when their body begins to break down. It may be very difficult for us to see the signs of their distress as we go about our busy lives.

As the number of sick and dying cat's and dog's continues to climb, I wonder if these unethical companies involved have considered how many small children may have, out of curiosity and fun, eaten some of their pet's food with them and what the consequences may be.

For the health, longevity and happiness of your pet, offer only the finest food that is designed by our holistic veterinarian, who makes all of our pet formulations, with exactly that in, longevity and happiness of your pet, as the reason for her pet health food. Make sure what you feed to be a true reflection of your love.

To help you better understand how to read a label and what the ingredients really mean, you may click onto the following links. It seems such a crime that harmful, dangerous chemicals, cheap inferior grain fillers, animal waste and spoiled flesh have been, and continues to be, the staple of so many pet foods.

I've heard many unsuspecting , trusting people who have not seen the facts of companies who have had not only recent recalls, but repeatedly had recalls. Diamond, who also makes Kirkland brand foods is one such company. They were responsible for killing over 200 dogs, due to Aflatoxin in their foods in the past. This deadly mold is known to grow on corn crops. This is only one of the reasons why corn in any shape or form should NEVER be in dog or cat food. Now they (Diamond) are again involved in recalls. Where is their quality and quality control?

Pet Food Recall List

Diamond/Kirkland/Chicken Soup/Blue Buffalo

Kirkland/Diamond/deadly mold kills hundreds

Ever wonder why you always find Hills Science Diet at the Vet's office?

I heard someone say recently that she had "confidence in Hills Science Diet pet foods, because they only had their wet foods recalled and not any of the dry foods." I am bewildered with this statement. How could one have confidence with a company, who had a full line of foods recalled...and then, the rest of their products, based on mostly inferior fillers?

The truth is; Hills Science Diet has had wet dog and cat foods recalled, as well as dry cat food recalled.

One can only wonder what may be next, leaving little room for confidence, as to feeding the best of health to your pet with any of the "Hill's" brand of foods.

What she failed to also note is, even though the majority of Hills Science Diet dry dog foods may not have been recalled, their ingredient list is quite questionable. Few selected ingredients they use in any of their formulas are beneficial, while their other ingredients used, such as chicken by-product meal, soybean meal, animal fat, vegetable oil, corn gluten meal, propyl gallate, ethoxyquin, BHT and BHA are known as very harmful. Their few quality ingredients certainly do NOT outweigh the harmful ingredients they use. Click on the following link to learn more:

Since there is NO FDA regulation on commercial pet food preparation, most of these large commercial pet food companies are focusing on high profits, with little concern for any of our pets' welfare in mind. They seek any loophole imaginable, which allows them to add very cheap inferior forms of protein that are not compatible to a dog or cats system, giving NO nutritional value to the pet, rather than the essential animal protein that your dog/ cat needs to survive, much less thrive.

The long term symptoms of eating these artificial, potentially dangerous forms of protein include, yet are not limited to:

Thyroid Disease
Weak and/or deformed bones
Chronic skin and ear infections
Chronic flea and worm infestations
Compromised immune system
(frontline defense against all ailments)
An impaired ability to heal from wounds

Sadly, many pet's have needlessly suffered agonizing premature deaths, while their pet parent's continue to grieve over their losses, physical, emotional and financial.

There is no excuse for these pet food companies to have cut corners at the expense of health and Life. We do extend our sympathy to those with losses in this sad time.

What remains the same with these pet food companies, is that they continue to fill their bags and cans of foods with corn, wheat, and soy ~ top known alergens to dogs and cats. These ingredients are considered a source of protein, yet, the animal's body cannot utilize these grains, fails to recognize them as anything nutritious, causing the kidney's to continually overwork, while trying to rid itself of these grains. (By the time the pet is about 5 years old, the kidneys are considerably weakened.)

This is why you will see larger, looser, more frequent stools. A dog that is fed these kinds of foods will also tend to be gassy, have dull hair, scratching, bad breath, etc. A dog on these poorly manufactured foods will also want to eat more because their nutritional needs were not met. They remain unsatisfied, yet don't feel well.

Wheat and corn are known to grow mold, known as aflatoxin. This mold may grow on the crops before or after being harvested. The only reason these cheap fillers are in pet foods is because the FDA considered it unfit for human consumption. Rather than take a loss, certain companies have opted to make dog and cat foods, with the purpose of utilizing their inferior crops, achieving optimum profits. Aflatoxin poisoning from pet foods has killed hundreds of dog's. There is no FDA regulation in pet foods.

Since dog's like smelly things, most of these foods are sprayed with a rancid oil, after formed into a kibble, with the purpose of attracting the dog, who would otherwise not be enticed to eat the contaminated food at all.

Some of these foods are laced with sugar, becoming a drug to the pet, making them come back for more.

The scare of 2008, wasn't the real danger to our pet's. It was only the tip of the ice berg.

Many people have grown accustomed to thinking their pet lived a good Life, until they died at 14 years of age.

Dog's and cat's do not tell us when they are not feeling well. How long were they sick before they died? How long could they have lived if they had better nutrition? Dog's have the potential to live to be about 20 years of age, and cat's have the potential to live to be about 30 years of age. The bulk of the pet food industry does not want us to know this.

The good news is, there is a safe and healthy choice for our dog's and cat's:

We have never had a recall in any of our Life's Abundance pet products. Furthermore, our quality and quality control is unsurpassed. That is because our integrity is intact and our passion is sharing health, happiness and Life itself.

Our foods are formulated by Holistic Veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bicks. She has used only human quality foods and has never included a single ingredient that may have been less than optimal for our pet's. Life's Abundance products from BestNaturalDogFood have never been on any recall ~ ever. Our integrity was intact from the start, long before the recalls, because Dr. Jane's motive has always been to give only the very best to our companion animal's




U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Recent Recalls & Withdrawals

04/16/2014 Purina, Del's, Albers, Home Grown   Poultry feed   Low vitamin and mineral content Purina Animal Nutrition LLC
04/08/2014 Abady   Cat food   Salmonella Robert Abady Dog Food Co.,
03/18/2014 HemoSet   Dual channel infusion set   Over-delivery may occur by gravity infusion Hospira, Inc.
02/05/2014 Hubbard Life, Joy, QC Plus   Dog Food, Cat Food   Salmonella Pro-Pet LLC
01/25/2014 Red Flannel   Cat Food   Salmonella PMI Nutrition, LLC (PMI)
11/27/2013 Nutrena NatureWise   Poultry feeds   Incorrect levels of calcium Cargill
11/13/2013 Nature’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center   Sterile products in the form of injectable drug or eye drop   Lack of sterility assurance Nature’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center
11/04/2013 Bailey's Choice   Pet Treats   Salmonella Bailey’s Choice Dog Treats, LLC
09/04/2013 Hubbard Life Homestead   Poultry feed   Elevated calcium level Hubbard Feeds Inc.
08/30/2013 Purina ONE beyOnd   Purina ONE beyOnd Our White Meat Chicken and Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food   Salmonella Nestle Purina PetCare Company

08/26/2013 Goldenfeast®   Bird food blends   Salmonella Goldenfeast® Inc.
08/14/2013 Iams/Eukanuba   Dog and Cat foods - Dry   Salmonella Proctor & Gamble
07/02/2013 Hubbard Life Homestead   Poultry feed   Elevated calcium and phosphorus levels Hubbard Feeds Inc.
06/18/2013 Innova, EVO, California Natural and More   Dry pet food, biscuits/bars/treats   Salmonella Natura Pet Products
06/12/2013 Wardley   Betta fish food   Salmonella Hartz Mountain Corporation
05/15/2013 Rural King   Deer Corn   Aflatoxin Rural King Distributing



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